About Us

welcome to xOTO

XOTO (pronounced ex-OH-toe) is a revolutionary 3-wheeled electric vehicle with 2 back wheels that lean with you through the turns and curves of the road. Those leaning wheels deliver astonishing stability, maneuverability, safety, utility, and FUN. Riders say that XOTO feels like surfing the road.

The Back Story

XOTO was developed by founder and CEO Tim Huntzinger, an automotive and aerospace design expert with experience in some of the top companies in the business. He holds a BFA in Industrial Design – Transportation from BYU and an MS in Industrial Design from the ArtCenter College of Design.

As it happens, Tim also loves motorcycle riding. But one too many times of fighting to stay upright on slippery, sandy, or otherwise unstable roads made him start to think about how to make a safer ride.

Some riders turn to 3-wheeled trikes. They are easier to keep upright than 2 wheeled bikes, but their slow, stiff turns cut a lot of fun out of the ride (and no one really wants that).

Tim’s solution: Build a vehicle with two back wheels that lean and adjust as you turn, giving you the stability of a 3-wheeler with the feeling of riding a 2-wheeler.

The result is XOTO—a revolutionary self-stabilizing electric scooter, engineered so you can lean around corners like a motorcycle but enjoy a safer, more comfortable ride on 3 wheels.

Self-Stabilizing System

With XOTO’s 3-wheel self-stabilizing design, you have a much greater chance of avoiding the skid, keeping all the wheels on the ground, and staying upright.

Simply put, XOTO’s two back wheels attach to rear swing arms that move. This synchronized wheel movement allows you to lean around corners with all wheels on the ground. That’s how it’s self-stabilizing. You don’t have to think about it. XOTO does it for you.

You can lean pretty far, even at low speeds, and not fall over.

Not only does that keep you safer, it also leaves you freer from distractions so you can pay attention to other drivers and have more confidence on the road. 

Front Wheel Drive – A Game-Changer

XOTO’s front wheel drive puts the power in the direction you want to go. It pulls you instead of pushing you, which gives you greater control, maneuverability, and stability.

Anti-Dive Front Suspension

What happens when you have to hit the brakes hard? On XOTO, you won’t get pitched forward, thanks to the anti-dive front suspension. That means more control and greater safety for you.

Get Where You Want to Go

With a 45-mile range on one battery charge, XOTO is perfect for daily commutes, delivery services, vacation rentals, or just riding around town (for errands or for fun). All on a battery you can charge on any regular 110V outlet—no special charging stations needed.

Make Riding Safer, More Stable, and More Fun

XOTO is an electric vehicle almost anyone can ride that’s safer than a motorcycle, more functional than a bicycle, and more affordable than a car. Its low center of gravity makes it easy to handle, even for beginners, and great maneuverability makes it easy to park. The 3000 W brushless hub motor is strong enough to move you through traffic even with a passenger or package.

Imagine gliding through your city through the turns and traffic. You skip the gridlock, bypass the gas station, and find more places to park.

XOTO is making it happen. We are changing the way people move.