XOTO New 3-Wheeled Leaning Electric Scooter Launches in US

by XOTO Team  - March 1, 2024

From Electrek: “There’s a new ride in town, and it’s got three wheels. Oh, and it also leans. It’s the XOTO, and this electric scooter is already zipping around in the US. The three-wheeler uses a patented system to lean the scooter up to 45 degrees, giving the stability of three wheels and the carving operation of a two-wheeler leaning into turns…The self-stabilizing mechanism is said to make it easier for new riders. And since it doesn’t require a motorcycle license in the company’s home state of California due to having three wheels, it’s likely to see a number of beginner riders. Other state laws may vary though, so you should check to see if your state will allow its operation with just a standard car driver’s license like California.”

Read more from Electrek here.

XOTO Called Innovative, Fast, Safe, Accessible, Exciting

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